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All decision makers want to lead a stable and efficient organization.

That is why the question is not what we want, but how we should achieve it.

There are several contributors to success. The tool-kit and methodology Peerformance offers for identifying and understanding each are currently in line with the most forward-looking global trend.

In addition to its credibility and effectiveness perhaps, perhaps the most convincing argument for TTI’s data driven strategy of organizational development and decision-making is the list of its current users. 300 large corporations from the Fortune 500 list of companies chose our data driven decision support.


What does data driven decision support mean?

The word “data” has been slightly overused in the past decade. Many are still sceptical when they hear maxims like “data is the new gold.” 20 years of experience has taught us to be more careful, and we choose to say instead that data can only create value if the information derived from it can be put to use. To be able to maximize the value of information, we need to know the type of data we need.

Data driven organization development and improvement of organizational efficiency

Because the effectiveness of an organization depends on the people who work there, the TTI assessments administered by Peerformance collect data from employees. This is what HR does when asks a candidate to submit a CV, but education and professional experience are just the tip of the iceberg when we wish to find out about a person’s knowledge, skills, motivation, hidden potential, emotional intelligence, or how that person behaves in a team, and which of the team members he or she can be truly effective with.

We use special TTI tests designated for the purpose to get a 360 degree picture, which, once thoroughly evaluate, will provide us with the information we need, the value of which matches that of gold for the company. The possession of this information can lead to successes over the short term, and may propel organisational operations along a high efficiency track in the medium and long term.


The pillars of organisational efficiency

Essentially, data driven decision support helps develop a methodological routine that works effectively in the long run. The sooner one starts to work with data, the earlier the company will have knowledge, experience and anchor points to address future challenges.

As each organization is different, it is not easy to capture complexity, we have, however, collected some key areas of focus that almost all of our partners shared, as these elements will definitely impact the operation of the organization as a whole.

A teljesítmény megkreálható
A teljesítmény megkreálható

Individual leadership development

  • Can anyone be a good leader?
  • What are the features of authentic leadership style?
  • What is the relationship between the capacity to lead and professional talent?
  • What is the relationship between the capacity to lead and professional experience?
  • What is a leader’s greatest potential and how can he/she develop it?


Answering these questions depends largely on the profile of the specific organization. Valid statements about a plant engaged in heavy industry and a large law firm will be different. The methods and the tools of Peerformance are stable, but leadership development invariably starts with mapping the operations of the organisation thoroughly and understanding the dynamics.

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A vezetői kvalitások kiaknázása
A vezetői kvalitások kiaknázása

HR system development

In the long run, it is worth investing part of energy of the HR function in organizational development producing real outcomes. In addition to consultancy and in-house surveys, Peerformance also offers an internationally accredited training course to arm HR professionals with the skills needed for good data driven decision support in any field, including recruitment, selection, team building, talent management and retention.

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HR analitika - a tehetség és a teljesítmény feltérképezése
HR analitika - a tehetség és a teljesítmény feltérképezése

Measurable individual and group performance, growth strategy based on KPIs

The functional features of each organization, including the traits of the individuals working there and the characteristics of the team dynamics of each division, will determine the key indicators that should be monitored with respect to the medium and long-term strategy of organizational development.

The TTI method applied by Peerformance is designed to measure all of these specifics accurately, which is conducive to developing a data driven strategy based on KPIs that produces traceable and clear-cut results.

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The ability to excel is a gift for all, if we know how to unleash it.

Our philosophy Our philosophy


We believe that people who perform well are those who understand and feel good about themselves. This is the approach we take to personal and organisational challenges.


Our approach enables precise measurements and provides easy-to-use results to improve performance. We use science-based TTI surveys that have benefited Fortune 500 companies.

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