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Resilience determines how vulnerable we are to external circumstances. For most people, the time they experience mentally and emotionally depends on the combination of circumstances. If circumstances are "good" we are happy, if they are "bad" we are unhappy. When the bad turns to good because circumstances change, we are happy. When something bad happens, our world collapses. But it doesn't have to be that way, the vulnerability of the system can be reduced. The key is to consciously. achieve, experience and maintain mental and emotional well-being. Although at first you might not think of it that way, it is a skill - and as such, it can be developed.

Peerformance's Revive programme can help you do just that. The point is that you should develop harmony within yourself - and therefore in all areas of your life - which will get you greater protection and more resilience to external influences. All of that is achieved through a pragmatic, effective, scientifically sound method.

Why Revive?

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Revive offers a highly effective programme for people who recognise that mental and emotional well-being and everyday experiences - successes and failures - are closely linked, and have therefore made a commitment to develop and build their inner well-being.
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Our personalised programme focuses on you and you alone. It's all about, and promotes, your ability to settle into a sense of authentic well-being in which your effectiveness is enhanced and yet the sense of burden is reduced.
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Revive takes a holistic approach to mental and emotional well-being. Everything interacts with everything else. Learning to understand, experience and maintain your mental and emotional harmony is the most rewarding long-term investment in your own happiness and that of those around you.
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Several professionals, including doctors, psychologists and HR professionals are involved in designing your individual programme. Expert hands guide your focussed development to ensure results.

What do you gain from Revive?

In many ways, you're in for a complete renewal process. Revive promises you inner clarity coupled with lasting mental and emotional well-being, which will facilitate your progress in all areas of life. You will not only feel good, your mental and emotional resilience, your ability to see the big picture and to be consciously present in your tasks and in your daily life will also improve. The internal changes brought about by Revive will help you adapt more readily than others to situations requiring continuous compliance, and the results will be visible in a short time.



  1. Renewal – creating inner harmony
  2. Resilience - reduced vulnerability to external circumstances
  3. Conscious awareness of problems and life situations - capacity to see the big picture
  4. Prevention - consciously maintaining a state of harmony prevents mental problems from developing
  5. Physical and mental health and wholeness - everything falls into place as a result

The relationship between business performance and well-being

The Peerformance team works with prominent players in the business world. We are fully informed about the way businesses work, which is why we are aware of the strong link between performance and wellbeing.

For businesses

By helping people reach a perpetually good emotional and mental state, we contribute in the main to the good and effective functioning of organisations.

For talents

Finding your inner balance will help you move more steadily and you will find it easier to reach your personal goals and what your talents predispose you to do. Your choices are crucial to achieving happiness, so it is important to see the full spectrum of options.

The Revive process

Your personal Revive programme is tailored to you in a way that best supports both your personal goals and your career path. Throughout the Revive process, we provide regular coaching sessions where you can give feedback on progress and can consult on any issues that arise.

The programme is based on the TTI assessments, which use science to create a mirror image of the individual. We use the assessment results to select the path of your personal development program. We set goals together, and then a doctor, a psychologist and an HR professional will cooperate to prepare the plan of your bespoke Revive to set you on your own journey toward mental well-being.

Bespoke process

Our methods and the tools of the Revive program are designed to help fundamentally healthy people and teams to grow.

Solving medical, acute and serious situations is outside the scope of Peerformance.

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