Terms of conditions


(hereinafter: Agreement) which has been concluded by and between:

Peerformance Business & Talent Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (registered seat: 1031, Budapest, Nánási str.5-7, building ’A’, company registry number: 0109327074, tax identification number: 26377805-2-41, represented by Gabriella Varga, as a managing director), as a counsellor (hereinafter: Counsellor)       and

Career Seeker (hereinafter: Client)and under 18 year Client his/herlegal representation as parent(s), legal representative(s).


1. Parties to this agreement state that the Counsellor is the operator of www.peerformance.hu website (hereinafter: Website), the Counsellor provides age bracket- specific career guidenace and support via this website (hereinafter: Counselling).

2. Parties state that the Client registers on the online platform of the website (hereinafter: Platform) as a user in order to be provided career guidance and support. The validity of this agreement and the Client’s registration is subject to the consent of the Client’s legal representative.


3. The Counsellor provides the Client with career guidance and support according to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

4. Parties state that Counselling includes 4 sessions in 45 minutes respectively, held online, providing the Cllient with career guidance and support, the exact date of the counselling sessions  and the counselling expert (hereinafter: Expert) are booked by the Career Seeker on the Platform.

5. Consideration of the Counselling is: 200 Euro/4 counselling sessions (hereinafter: Consideration).

6. The Client has knowledge of the fact that total payment of the consideration is required prior to the first counselling session for being provided with career guidance and support.


7. Rights and obligations of the Counsellor: 1. The Counsellor warrants that (s)he shall perform his/her task at the highest possible professional and ethical level, by applying validated tests and guarrantees data privacy at international level. II. The Counsellor states that the Expert has accreditation and is able to provide the Client with age bracket-specific career guidance and support at high professional and ethical level, in compliance with the Peerformance Business & Talent methodology. III. Counselling activity is performed via the Platform, online. The Counsellor ensures that the Expert booked by the Client is available at the time booked on Platform by the Client in advance. IV. The Counsellor undertakes that (s)he shall provide the Client with e-learning support based on the Moodle code. V. The Counsellor undertakes that (s)he shall perform the counselling activity in 45 minutes / session, including 4 sessions. VI. In the event the Client requires the erasure of his/ her data in the course of the Counselling, the Counsellor is obliged to meet this requirement. However, the Client has knowledge of the fact, that in this case – irrespective of the number of performed sessions, – (s)he exludes himself/herself from Counselling and has no right for refund of the consideration.VII. The Counsellor undertakes that (s)he shall send to the Client the reports and summaries made in the course of the Counsellilng after the last Counselling session, and (s)he shall erase the Client from every registry, system, and shall not store or use the data and documents concerning the Career Seeker.

8. Rights and obligations of the Client: I. If the Client is unable to attend the session booked on the Platform in advance, (s)he shall communicate it to the Counsellor at least 24 hours before the Counselling is supposed to be held. If Counselling is cancelled within 24 hours before its commencement, or is not cancelled at all, the Counselling session shall be deemed to have been taken. Parties acknowledge that in case of cancelling, the Client shall be charged 10 Euro rescheduling fee and this amount shall be paid to the Counsellor before the Client books another session date.

II. The Client is aware that (s)he has to participate actively in the sessions, all the tasks and online tests shall be done required for Counselling, the self-knowledge blocks provided in the e-learning support shall be studied and structurally elaborated. The Client accepts that (s)he excludes himself/herself from the Counselling in case of not meeting these requirements.

III. The Client actively contributes to the realisation of the reality check points. The Expert identifies the area of the reality check points, but it is the task of the Client to find their sources.

IV. The Client acknowledges the fact that the Expert is entitled to cancel the session on grounds of lack of presence if the Expert determines that the Client is not well-prepared for the session, the Client has failed to do the previously agreed tasks. In this case, the Client has no right for either total or partial refund of the consideration of that Counselling session.

V. The Client acknowledges that (s)he has no right for either total or partial refund of the consideration of the Counselling fee if (s)he fails to participate in Counselling after registering on the Platform and making payment of the Consideration.  

 VI. The Client undertakes to give feedback to the Counsellor by filling in a client satisfaction survey. VII. The Client has the possibility to ask information about other services and activities of the Counsellor, and the Counsellor shall provide the necessary information.

VIII. The Client may join the social media community of the Counsellor of his or her own accord.

IX. The Client acknowledges that the Counsellor sends to the Client the reports and summaries made in the course of the Counselling after the last Counselling session, and s)he shall erase the Client from every registry, system, and shall not store or use the data and documents concerning the Client. Afterwards, the Career Seeker shall be responsible for storing these documents.

X. In the event the Client may require the service of the Expert for more than 4 counselling sessions, (s)he may continue the cooperation once (s)he has identified himself/herself with a voucher code and paid additional fee. If the legal representative of the Client would like to consult with the Expert, (s)he may ask for additional counselling for additinal consideration. This intention shall be communicated by the Client and his/her legal representative to the Expert prior to the last Counselling session including information on how long the Counsellor shall store the Client’s documentation in the system.  

XI. It is the Client who is entitled to participate in the Counselling. His/ her legal representative may participate in the Counselling process once an additional session has been booked, exceeding the 4 said core sessions.

XII. The Client undertakes to engage this Counselling service in 4 weeks, and (s)he refrains from engaging counselling service of other expert in the course of this Counselling process.

XIV. In the event the Client may wish to cancel or reschedule a booked counselling session, (s)he shall communicate it directly to the Expert in writing, in an electronic way as soon as possible. In the event (s)he does not wish to book another session date on the Platform, (s)he shall communicate it to the Administrator without delay.

9. Parties agree that the Counsellor bears no liability for the work performance of the Expert.

10. Parties state that the Client considers and uses all the information, advice, suggestions provided with in the course of Counselling on his/her own responsibility in the future.

11. In the event the Client requires additional counselling exceeding the framework of this agreement, the parties shall enter into a new contract.

12. Duration and termination of the agreement: I. This agreement automatically terminates after the last Counselling session or in the event the Client fails to pay the consideration of counselling prior to the Counselling. II. In case of material breach of this agreement, the non-breaching party is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect.

This agreement and matters not regulated herein shall be subject to the Hungarian law. This agreement has been made in Hungarian and English language. In case of legal dispute, the Hungarian version prevails.

Date: is the time of scheduled Conselling session